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The California Cannabis Tourism Association (CCTA) serves to promote the development of  safe and responsible cannabis tourism, unify the cannabis and tourism industries, and advocate for an enabling regulatory environment and promoting best practices in this space.

About CCTA

The CCTA is registered Non-Profit advancing safe and responsible Cannabis Tourism in the state of California. Committed to cultivating open communication, social equity and environmental sustainability, the CCTA was established to represent and support the diverse voices and perspectives of the emerging Cannabis Tourism industry. 

CCTA members and partners include major cannabis brands, tour operators, retailers, transportation companies, hotels, tourism boards, industry associations, media companies, and other organizations for whom cannabis tourism advocacy is important.

Core Activities

•   Facilitating open dialogue and cooperation between the tourism and cannabis industries

•   Supporting research and advocacy at the state level for enabling and responsible policies

•   Building awareness and education for businesses and consumers

•   Networking and collaboration opportunities for members, strategic partners and related government bodies

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The CCTA has published its first report on Cannabis Tourism in 2020. 

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Flourishing Cannabis Culture

The State of California is the 5th largest economy in the world and in 2018, travel and tourism to the state drove over 140 billion USD in sales, representing 2.5 % of the total state GDP. California is also the largest legal Cannabis market in North America. The state is poised to be a world leader in this emerging industry and the CCTA has been established to support the safe and responsible integration of the cannabis and tourism ecosystems as they evolve in this post-prohibition era.

A Flourishing Industry

Become a Member


$ 250 Per year
  • Organizations with under 25 employees


$ 5000 Per year
  • Organizations with 25+ employees​


•  Directory listing on CCTA website

•  New member social media post on CCTA social media

•  Access to private CCTA members forum

•  Admission to the northern California annual CCTA event

Admission to the southern California annual CCTA event

Abridged industry insight cannabis tourism insights from annual CCTA report

Strategic Partnerships

For organizations who want to invest in building this organization through larger sponsorships and in-kind contributions. This includes all Basic Membership benefits plus:

Featured as strategic partners in CCTA press outreach and consumer engagement

Featured as a core contributor in the annual CCTA Report

Participation on the Advisory Board

Opportunities to collaborate on joint events and shape future CCTA activities

Invitation to Annual CCTA Board Retreat

Associated Partnerships

Collaborations with trade associations, visitors bureaus and tourism boards.

The CCTA is collaborates with other industry associations and non-profits related to cannabis tourism to ensure safe, responsible and fun experiences as the industry evolves.

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The CCTA exists to expand the cannabis tourism conversation and support integration of cannabis into the greater travel market and industry. We serve as the central link between businesses, workshops, sponsorships, and events.


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